President Obama | Private Event St Louis

What do you do when the call comes in to document a VIP? FREAK OUT, especially when that person is the President of the United States. I mean, don't get me wrong, I have shot celebrities, VIPs and many a stressful event, but never anything of this caliber. It's not every day a wedding photographer gets this kind of opportunity. Not to mention, my travel schedule has had us all over the map. We literally had to move photo-shoots in order to ensure we could be in town to document the event. (Special thanks to everyone for being so flexible.) It was a who's who of St Louis politicians and supporters, all eagerly waiting to meet and hear from the President, not only on the future of the country, but on his plans on how to tackle some of our Nation's greatest challenges today. My job, document the event, without…

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kmov | promo shoot

as most of you know, we are the select photographers for kmov's great day st louis. we love being part of the show as their photography expert, but part of the fun is being able to shoot on set for some of their promotional shots. during wedding week, after taping my segment, we hung out and shot some candid shots of the cast and crew working and then once the taping was completed, we shot their team and head shots currently being used for their promotional material and web site. it goes without saying that we had a blast and the gang was more than happy to ham it up. notice taylor mugging for the camera with kent. ;)

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