What do you do when the call comes in to document a VIP? FREAK OUT, especially when that person is the President of the United States. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I have shot celebrities, VIPs and many a stressful event, but never anything of this caliber. It’s not every day a wedding photographer gets this kind of opportunity. Not to mention, my travel schedule has had us all over the map. We literally had to move photo-shoots in order to ensure we could be in town to document the event. (Special thanks to everyone for being so flexible.)
It was a who’s who of St Louis politicians and supporters, all eagerly waiting to meet and hear from the President, not only on the future of the country, but on his plans on how to tackle some of our Nation’s greatest challenges today. My job, document the event, without being in everyone’s business.

I can only share the hoopla though my own eyes. Clearly, there are certain things that were done in order to ensure maximum security for the event. That in and of itself was more than I can explain in words. It was pretty cool for sure. Upon my arrival, everything had to be searched, sniffed, and wand-ed. From there, I was given some direction from White House staff on where I could be and what my limitations were. Which, for the record, I am very proud of myself for sticking to those guidelines – the alternative was getting tackled by Secret Service. Speaking of which, minutes before the President walked in, the Agent standing next to me could see I was getting a little anxious and said, “Don’t screw this up!” Definitely a sense of humor and really made me relax. Clearly, there was no re-do on this.

From all accounts, the event went off without a hitch and first-class all the way. The food, the staff, the White House staffers, and everyone involved really made this event what it was. Hosted at a private residence in St Louis, it provided a perfect and intimate backdrop to the President’s message. It was more like a family function than a political gathering.

Enjoy some of the pictures! Thanks everyone.

Catering | Sidney Street Cafe
Photography | Salvatore Cincotta Photography