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st louis wedding photographer sal cincotta testimonial
The one thing we knew we wanted when planning our wedding was once in a lifetime pictures. 
Selecting Sal and Alissa was sort of an act of fate. We had seen the most breathtaking picture while thumbing through a wedding magazine and could not get it out of our heads. We ripped it out, put it on our inspiration board, and left it as “inspiration” for the photographer we would end up hiring. After a few meetings with photographers, we started to realize no one was able to really give us the dramatic, once in a lifetime photo experience that we were wanting. After combing the internet for the owner of the image, we finally found that it was a Sal Cincotta picture and immediately contacted the team for a meeting. That first meeting solidified our excitement for working with Sal & Alissa. Not only were the pictures incredible, but their personalities were equally amazing. Both Sal and Alissa were so vivacious, fun and perfect for our outgoing family and friends.
From that moment on, everything was first class.
Sal’s travel schedule allowed us the ability to capture pictures in locations we wanted across the country. Our first time meeting was outside of Grand Central Station in NYC for our engagement shoot. Sal and Alissa made us feel comfortable and excited for the long (cold) day of shooting. Every shot felt natural, beautiful, and turned out better than we could have ever expected. The pictures were so beautiful, but nothing prepared me for the insane shots that would happen on our wedding day. 
Sal and the team went above and beyond in every detail of our day, while making sure we were smiling and laughing the whole time. They truly fit right in with the bridal party and family. I don’t remember one time in the day when Sal wasn’t cracking jokes with the boys or Alissa cheering in the background when we got great shots. 
The passion and enjoyment Sal and Alissa have for what they do was present in every detail. I did not cry during our wedding day until we saw our Day of Slideshow at the reception. I lost it. Every single dollar spent was more than worth it. We truly have one of a kind pictures that will last us a lifetime. 
We are so happy to be clients for life & can’t wait until we shoot with Sal and his team again!
-Rob & Devin DeNofio
st louis wedding photography testimonials
We picked Sal over 11 different photographers.

Sal, Alissa and the team were incredible during the entire wedding process.  From meeting the team during planning, to the engagement shoot, and during the wedding day itself, they were fantastic. 

We were initially drawn to Sal because of the quality of his work we saw online.  After meeting the team in person, seeing the quality of not just their photos but also their large prints and beautiful wedding albums, we picked Sal over eleven different photographers we met with in the STL area.

Since Sal is not just a local STL photographer but travels all over the country and world, he was able to meet us where we live for an engagement shoot in NYC’s Central Park. We can’t explain how valuable this opportunity was to get to know Sal and Alissa, their fun personalities, professionalism and how we got along with them.  Your wedding photographer will be with you the entire time on the most intimate and important day of your lives so being completely comfortable was an amazing experience.

On the day of the wedding Sal and the team were so fun to work with.  They knew exactly which details to capture and provided us with so many great memories.  They had the perfect balance of knowing when to let the emotional moments flow naturally and knowing how to help focus a large bridal party to get fantastic group shots. Our photos and video are outstanding!

We felt that choosing a wedding photographer was one of the most important parts of our wedding.  As the decades pass, the memories may fade but we will always have Sal’s work to remember our special day.  We were so happy with our experience and highly recommend the Cincotta team!

~Sean + Carrie

st louis wedding photographer sal cincotta
We knew that we wanted the best!
I can’t say enough about how amazing Sal, Alissa and their team are! To be honest, I picked them out before I was even dating my now-husband. I knew Sal would be my photographer, and that I would do anything to make that happen. Of course, I had to do my due diligence and research other photographers, mainly because I live in Utah and had all of the friends, family, coworkers… strangers… come out of the wood works to tell me “who I should hire!” No. Not one of them stood up to Sal’s standard of work. Not to mention that he went well above and beyond by flying out to Utah not only once, but TWICE to do our engagements and our first look/wedding day photos and video. 
We knew that we wanted the best because we’ve heard plenty of horror stories about bad wedding photographers, and that being the one thing people wished they could change about their wedding day. So we made the photography and videography our priority. 
I knew before getting married that Sal produces incredible work. But when we saw the slideshow that they put together for our reception, I knew then and there that this was the best investment I could have made for preserving my wedding. As a bride, you don’t get a chance to see any of the hard work that goes into the catering, the cake, the flowers, the centerpieces… etc. but Sal captured more than that. He and Alissa captured what matters about your wedding day – YOU. 
10/10 would hire again. And again… and again.
Love you guys so much, thank you for going above and beyond to make our special day SO much more special!
~Alex + Carisa
st louis wedding photography
There are no do-overs!

Your wedding photos last forever.  They are your tangible memories capturing the best day of your life.  They should be extraordinary. 
There are no do-overs, so we couldn’t take any chances.  I wanted the best photographer in St. Louis, and Sal was going to guarantee that.  While planning my wedding, booking Sal as our photographer was the only decision I knew ahead of time, and one I was able to make without checking out competitors.  There was no point.  I remember the first time I saw his work and I wondered, how is this available for wedding retail clients?  This is corporate stock photo perfection. 
The result of booking Sal is epic photos that you can look back on, documenting the most treasured moments when your memory forgets.  My husband and I had an absolutely perfect wedding day, and we are beyond thankful and thrilled that we have incredible images securing our ability to relive and reflect for the rest of your life.  Our photos breathe.  They capture emotions.  They stage drama.  They are magazine spread caliber.  And they are of us.    
The best part of your experience with Sal and Alissa (whom I fondly refer to as Salissa) is their genuine chemistry – among themselves and to all couples they serve.  We felt like we’d known them for years.  They are so personable and relatable (which says a lot, since on any given day you don’t know if they’re in the moors of Ireland or the rooftop of a skyscraper in NYC or shooting Big Ben).  Their work is second to none, and their dedication knows no limits.  Sal may even have to lace up your wedding dress.

~Dane + Nicole

st louis wedding photographer

Is this a fairytale?

There are so many things that can be said from the happiness of working with Sal, Alissa, and his team. From the moment we first saw the work that they did we knew whenever the day came for us to get married we would jump on the “Cincotta Photography Train”! Fast Forward to 2016 and that dream of getting amazing photographers came true for us! 

Let’s talk the negative first, of course nothing negative towards Sal or his team! A few days before our wedding we had the plan all along to do a first look Downtown St.Louis, well things took a toll on our plans because of mishaps in the world *insert eye roll*. Rather than getting worked up Sal and Alissa assured us that things would be okay. They were able to come up with a new location that secretly, in the end, we think turned out better than St.Louis would have! With that being said, if you are unsure of locations trust them, they have seen and done way more things than we have and therefore knew we could count on them to make our first look amazing! 

Now to continue with the positives: You can fall in love with pictures but when you see pictures of yourself and spouse you fall even harder for yourselves with the way the pictures are. After seeing our engagement pictures it made the anticipation of getting married even more exciting because if our engagement pictures could turn out that great then we can only imagine how wonderful the wedding pictures would turn out, right? Oh my, there are no words to even describe the emotions running through our minds when we sat on that couch at the studio looking at all the pictures. “Is this a fairytail?” “Can we go back to that day?” “Could they have done anymore of a better job?”

The pictures are indescribable with how wonderful they turned out. They capture the day from beginning to end with all the details in between. But, it does not just stop at seeing your pictures at the studio because then you order your pictures/ book. I cried when I saw the book and being able to relive our wedding day as if it happened yesterday. Knowing that we have these pictures to last forever not only for us to look back on but one day our great-grandchild to see, I hope they can see the happiness as clear as the pictures themselves. 

Again, thank you Sal, Alissa, and your team for the experience and your time. 

~Alex + Chelsie

st louis wedding photographer testimonial
Each detail is just as important to them as it is to you.

There really aren’t words to describe the work that Sal and Alissa do. It’s more about the feeling you get when you look at one of their pictures – Love, lust, happiness, excitement, wonder, adventure. And each picture gives the viewer the ability to put a story to go along with it. 
Each time I look at one of our amazing pictures, I’m flushed with all of the same feelings I had that day. To have a photographer with the ability to actually capture emotions for one of your most memorable and important days is priceless. 
I became familiar with Sal’s great work because a number of coworkers from the hospital had used Sal and Alissa. Looking through their engagement and wedding albums, I could physically see love in their pictures. The editing, lighting, and locations are genuinely thought out by Sal and Alissa to bring out each couple’s personality. Each detail is just as important to them as it is to you. 
After our first call together to discuss what we were hoping to accomplish it was very clear that we had a strong connection and this is who we wanted to work with to help share our special day. 
As soon as we pulled up for the engagement photos and we started talking it was like we had been friends with Sal and Alissa for years.  The chemistry was immediately there which helped put us at ease so that we were as natural as possible for what would end up being some of the best pictures we have ever taken.
Sal and Alissa have become close personal friends and it is hard to imagine that if some doctors at the hospital were not bragging about Sal’s work that we possibly would not have them in our lives today.  We are more than confident that the engagement and wedding pictures will not be the last time we use Sal and Alissa to capture more of our lifetime milestones.

~Jeff + Kara

st louis wedding photographer testimonial
I have absolutely zero regrets.

I knew one thing was certain when I started planning my wedding – I wanted photography that was going to tell a story and capture our day so that we could relive it over and over again. I have two sisters who were both married before me and initially my mother suggested looking/using the photographer they used – I wasn’t sure I wanted to go that route. While their photographer did a beautiful job for both of their weddings, I wanted something different, something more stand-out. Being from the same town that Salvatore Cincotta Photography is headquartered in, every time I drove by their location on Main Street, I would wonder “why would this big time photographer set-up their home base in such a small town? Why wouldn’t they at least be in St. Louis – or another big city?”. Their new office was so glamorous and completely stood out from everything else on Main Street in O’Fallon, it just didn’t make sense. Then when I became engaged, I had a reason to look into them more and when I visited their website my jaw hit the floor. The photography I was seeing was exquisite, yet different and definitely stand-out, quality work. I scheduled a meeting to go meet them and when I left, I was sold. I didn’t want to look at any other photographers.  At that point it didn’t matter anymore why they chose O’Fallon to base their business – all that mattered was I wanted them to be my photographers and had they not been in O’Fallon, I wouldn’t have ever known about them. 
Fast forward to our engagement pictures and we couldn’t have been more excited to meet Sal and Alissa in Denver. We had coffee, and got to know each other a little before we spent the afternoon in different parts of Denver finding all the right shots. Our pictures turned out beautifully! Fast forward again to our wedding day and I could not be more happy with the outcome. Sal and Alissa are where they’re going to be when they say they’re going to be there. They’re extremely professional yet friendly and fun to be around. They go with the flow, but will definitely do everything they can to keep you on schedule. Sal has these amazing visions and my husband and I wanted to shoot in a couple of really different locations that we’d known Sal had shot before and he made it happen. We were cutting it close getting to our reception (our fault because we kept wanting more and more pictures) but Sal got the shots and got us there on time! We did the slideshow at our wedding of select pictures that were already taken from the day and everyone was blown away. We had so many compliments about how amazing our photos were and questions about how they already had them edited and up to show guests. It was a part of the wedding package I was initially unsure of, but was so glad that Alissa talked me into it. In all, our wedding day was caught with such precision and creativity and the pictures were more beautiful than we had ever imagined. In fact, they’re so beautiful we still struggle to pick which we want in our album and for our home! We go back andlook through our wedding pictures often and every single time, I can’t stop smiling and they literally bring tears to my eyes as I remember that day over and over again. Sal’s photos are not just pictures you put in an album and never look at again. These pictures are the kind that you want to look at time and time again and show-off to your friends and family because they truly are artwork
I look back on our decision to go with Salvatore Cincotta Photography for our wedding and I have absolutely zero regrets. In fact, I try to tell friends (across the country) to look into them for their wedding photography! We love Sal and Alissa like they are family and always enjoy spending time with them. We feel so blessed to know them and it’s not just because of the work they do, but because of who they are as people. They are always a fun time and are truly genuine, caring people. They helped turn our wedding day into our dream day, a day I will never forget. We are so grateful to them for all they’ve done for us and we look forward to them being our photographer as we grow our family. Thank you Sal and Alissa for absolutely everything!  
~Lindsey and John
st louis wedding photography
 We became obsessed.
Sal’s work initially caught our eye at a bridal show. He was honestly the only vendor at the show that piqued our interest, and we became obsessed.  We kept going back to his website to look at his stunning images and knew we had to have Sal and Alissa to capture our wedding day.  
Once we had an in-person meeting with Sal and Alissa, we instantly clicked and knew they would make us feel comfortable when taking our pictures.  We had a unique vision for our engagement session that they happily accommodated with great energy.  Our friends and family could not rave enough about the quality and artistry of our pictures for both the engagement and wedding sessions.  
Sal and Alissa feel like family, which is exactly the personality you want for your photographer when you’re busy trying to not stress out about everything else.  He really has an eye for unique backgrounds and capturing details you didn’t even know you wanted.  We cannot wait ‘to have and to hold’ our wedding album as a family heirloom for us to enjoy as they both perfectly captured our wedding and the intimate memories that went with it.  We are looking forward to having “Uncle Sal and Aunt Alissa” photograph our (eventual) kids and family in the future!
-Sarah and Ely
st louis wedding photography
Our wedding photos were beyond what anyone has ever seen.
Where do I even start? How could you possibly find a better photographer than Sal & Alissa? They flew to Seattle for our engagement photos which were just ridiculous, amazing, unbelievable. We had a blast zipping around the city with them 🙂 A piece of advice for you brides that want to control everything (I am not one of those) – but just let Sal pick the locations. He will not do you wrong. Our wedding photos were beyond what anyone has ever seen. I get so many compliments on them – people were absolutely wow’ed by Sal and Alissa. This was the best money spent for the best day of our life! 
-Kristin & Kevin Rieber Jr!
st louis wedding photography
My dream as a bride came true.
Salvatore Cincotta Photography fit the mold of the photography group I dreamed of having for our wedding day. My dream as a bride came true thanks to connections leading us to Sal and the group.  
When visualizing your fairy tale wedding one creates an event which is often not achieved; unless you have Sal Cincotta Photography shoot for you.  
Sal’s images not only fulfill what you have always wanted, they exceed it.  Alissa, Michael, and Sal interacted with all members of our wedding party to seem as if they were a part of the wedding by not trying to ensure they set the perfect setting, they just captured it in great detail (yet kept us on our timeline!).   
They were willing and able to relate to us to create less of a photography shoot, and more of a “just be who you are” setting that allowed us to enjoy every moment of our day and have natural, sentimental moments forever captured.  
We will never forget our glorious day, and our family and friends will not either because we have such lasting and beautiful video and pictures that outlined an amazing day!  A great aspect was having our day illustrated with such professionalism, personality, and glamour.  We cannot thank Sal Cincotta Photography enough!
-Margeaux & Josh

Amazing Artwork

Suzanne- When Dan and I first started talking about wedding planning I told him I knew one thing for sure, I want Sal to be our photographer! I didn’t want to waste my time looking at other photographers. From the moment I laid my eyes on his photos, I wanted a piece of his amazing artwork. I call it art because he thinks outside the box and goes above and beyond to deliver stellar work. I am so proud to show off our pictures around the house and on his blog. It was such a pleasure and so much fun working with the Cincotta team. They are professional, polite, always on time, quick to answer questions and to work with you. I am so excited to have them photograph my family and capture all of our memories for years to come.

Dan- When Suzanne first mentioned Sal I was slightly reluctant. Having had a few friends who already had gotten married and knowing what they had paid for their photography I was definitely hesitant. However, upon seeing the quality of work done, witnessing the commitment and enthusiasm for his work, I knew right away I wouldn’t have anyone else photograph my wedding! I fell in love with Sal and his crew from the beginning with our engagement shoot. He was very straight forward, fun, and enthusiastic. Sal showed a great deal of passion and took our photography to a level outside your stereotypical engagement/wedding photos.  Sal, Taylor and the rest of the crew will be a apart of our family from here on out. I will not use anyone else to photograph the milestones of my family’s life.

~Dan and Suzanne


One of a kind!

When I first saw Sal and Taylor’s work, I knew immediately I had to work with them.  The images looked like they were straight out of a high-end magazine.  From the initial meeting through the ordering of our wedding album, Taylor and Sal were so much more than photographers.  They provided us with great suggestions for other vendors to use, locations to shoot at, and were always responsive to my many questions.

During both the engagement photo shoot and our wedding day, Sal was absolutely amazing to work with.  He made everyone feel comfortable and kept the entire bridal party laughing and enjoying themselves in the freezing temperatures!

The work of the Salvatore Cincotta team is second to none and we are truly amazed by our wedding photos.  The attention to detail, creativity, and customization provided by Sal and Taylor captured the mood and atmosphere of our wedding day perfectly and has provided us with one-of-a-kind works of art.

We cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for us during this time and for the amazing photos we have displayed in our home.  We can’t wait to work with you again!

~Nicole and Ed


Worth Every Penny!

From the initial meeting to the final viewing, Sal Cincotta Photography blew us away! Taylor’s level of professionalism, combined with her striking personality made for an “only seen in the movies” experience.

We don’t need to defend her work – the photos speak for themselves! The unique shots and candid moments are EXACTLY what we were looking for. Taylor’s work is anything but “typical.” Instead of feeling like clients, we felt like family. Her friendly and spunky personality made us instantly feel at ease. We laughed, kissed, laughed some more… and she turned it into art.

In all honesty, we re-worked our wedding budget so that we could hire her… and it was the best decision we could have made! (besides, who remembers chair covers and 5 foot tall centerpieces anyway?!) We now have hundreds of amazing photos to look back on, which are worth every single penny. Thank you, Taylor. This album isn’t just “a bunch of pictures” – it’s the start of our family legacy.

~Dustyn & Heather


“Artistic Perfection”

Our wedding day was truly captured in the photographs taken by  Salvatore Cincotta Photography. Every detail was complete perfection. Taylor’s artistic eye for each moment made our wedding photos pieces of art.  I knew the moment that I saw their work, we had to have them document our special day. They exceeded every expectation I had and we can forever look at our photos and vividly remember all details of our amazing wedding.

Not only were the photos perfect, but it was such a fun experience. Usually photos can be exhausting and redundant, but not with Cincotta Photography! Their team made taking the photos so amusing. Our creative photos were entertaining and really embodied everyone’s personality. Every person that saw our photographs, felt as though they were looking into a magazine.

When it comes to making a decision about who will be documenting one of the most important days of your life, we are so glad we chose Salvatore Cincotta Photography!!

~Justin and Sarah



Sal and Taylor seamlessly captured our love and the union of our families in these UNFORGETTABLE wedding pictures!!  They say that “a picture is worth a thousand words.”  There are pictures and then there are pictures by Salvatore Cincotta Photography (SCP) which are worth much more because they capture the heart of the moment!!!  Our wedding seemed to be over in a flash but these INCREDIBLE pictures will speak forever and we will cherish them for a lifetime!

Words cannot adequately describe how greatful we are and how much we appreciate Sal and Taylor’s hard work!  It’s not easy to capture everything that is going on during an Indian wedding!  Sal, Taylor, and their phenomenal team not only caught every moment of our wedding weekend on film, they did so in such a way that didn’t interfere with any of the festivities!  Clearly, they did their job as evidenced by the thousands of pictures they took!  Surprisingly, we never noticed them and neither did our guests!  That’s the true test of a professional team!!!!!  Every time our friends and family see the wedding albums (yes, I said WEDDING ALBUMS), their first comment is: “I didn’t even realize they were there!”

A couple of our guests who are seasoned photographers were so impressed with SCP’s creativity and professionalism, they even wanted to learn from them…THE BEST OF THE BEST!  Some have attended Sal & Taylor’s training sessions which are hosted all over the country.  We should have known we had THE REAL DEAL from our very first Skype session!  Sal & Taylor have gone above and beyond every step of the way…they traveled to us to take our engagement pictures on Taylor’s birthday…they took pictures on our wedding day for 18 hours straight…and viewing our photos in their studio was a “true experience!”  For anyone considering SCP for their wedding, don’t waste time thinking about it…like NIKE…JUST DO IT!  You won’t be disappointed!  (We just booked them again for another family event.)

I have looked through the albums every single day since they arrived!  Looking at the albums makes me want to marry my husband all over again!  Not only do we have these UNIQUE pictures that truly showcase the essence of our day, we gained a friendship that we hope will last a lifetime!

We love you, Sal & Taylor!

~Ritu & Tony


A true artist

The first time we saw Sal’s work it took our breath away – we knew he had to be our wedding photographer. The images he captures are unlike anything else in this world: they are sexy, romantic, modern, genuine works of art. Sal is more than a photographer, he is a true artist – comparable to Leonardo da Vinci 😉

While planning our wedding we worked with multiple vendors and Sal’s team was the most proactive, professional, and caring of them all. They were happy to share their knowledge of weddings with us in order to ensure our day was special. It would be extremely difficuly for us to think of a group of individuals that are more passionate and talented than the SCP team.

The day of the wedding Sal and his team made us feel like we were rockstars. Our wedding party couldn’t contain their excitement and kept exclaiming how awesome the SCP team was. Sal’s eye for the small touches makes such a significant difference and what sets him apart from the rest. Throughout the evening guests continually approached us and before offering their congratulations, made it a point to say how incredible our photographer and his team were and we couldn’t have agreed more!

Every minute with Sal and his team was more than enjoyable. Choosing Sal as our wedding photographer was the best decision we made and a perfect way to begin our lives together! We not only have amazing photographs that we will have forever, we have life long friends in the SCP team.

~Chris and Kate


More than a photographer

Sal was the first and only photographer we interviewed during the process of selecting wedding vendors. His passion for both photography and people bubbles to the surface as he describes what is obviously his dream profession.

On our wedding day, Sal was so much more than a photographer. I can say with complete honesty that our wedding day was complete bliss from start to finish, void of any real stress or complication. Sal not only took astonishingly beautiful pictures, he kept the timeline for the day. Let me assure you that keeping a wedding party on schedule is a HUGE deal. He was able to effortlessly be a world-class photographer, the life of the party, and a coordinator to keep everything moving smoothly.

As for the pictures themselves, we feel that our wedding was documented in the most artistic, special way. Sal’s attention to detail makes all the difference. One example of this is the slide show that Sal put together (during our reception dinner!) for all our wedding guests to see. It was so important to us that everyone got see the magical photos taken throughout the whole day. We loved working with Sal and his team. We will be thankful that we chose him to document our wedding every time we look at our wedding album!

~Luis and Emily


Blown Away!

I don’t know that one word could describe the experience that we had with Sal and Taylor and their unbelievable team, but if I had to give one it would be incredible.  When we met with Sal and Taylor we immediately felt their passion for their craft and their ability to make anyone feel comfortable and laugh A LOT!  I knew right after we met with them that we had to hire them for one of the most important days of our life!  When the day of the wedding came, Sal and his team arrived, jumped right in and became part of our family.  He won over the wedding party and our families immediately and somehow made everyone look and feel more beautiful than they already were!  He captured the essence of who we were and what the day meant to us.  And on top of that he kept us entertained the entire day!

As the day continued and we moved into our reception, Sal and his team never stopped working and capturing the most important moments of the day with a creativity that we couldn’t have dreamed up.  Countless guests kept coming up to us and asking about our photographer and telling us how amazing he was.  They loved him and we loved him! After the slideshow in the middle of the reception, we were all over the moon.  He made our day even better than we could have ever imagined and for that we are forever grateful.

If you are considering hiring Sal and Taylor, do not hesitate.  They will blow you away, give you a fabulous experience leading up to your wedding day, and of course, pictures that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Sal and Taylor…you guys are simply the best and we can’t wait to work with you again!

~Danny and Theresa


Blown Away

Sal and Taylor have such passion for photography and an incredible vision.  You will be amazed by their ability to capture the precious moments that will fly by.  We could not have wished for more beautiful and timeless images by which to remember our wedding.

We learned quickly to follow Sal without question if he had an idea!  Even if you see no beauty in a seemingly plain brick wall in an alley or never would have imagined climbing down a steep hill to the beach in a wedding gown…these will these will likely end up being the most amazing images you have ever seen!

Sal and Taylor felt like friends and made us completely comfortable while shooting.   They were truly able to capture “us” and the magic we felt that day.  Our guests were blown away by the slide show put together for the reception… and so were we!   We have received countless compliments on our photos and many comments on what an amazing job the photography team did the entire day.

We can’t possible thank you enough Sal and Taylor!

~Love, Brian & Brooke



After seeing Sal & Taylor’s work, we were immediately hooked. We booked them before we had even booked the church! They came down to Dallas to do our engagement pictures, and we were absolutely blown away. The locations they discovered were incredible and the pictures that resulted are now displayed around our house as pieces of art.

Words cannot even describe how amazing our experience with the whole Cincotta team was on our wedding day. They captured every single moment of our day in such a beautiful and unique way.  We will be able to look back at these photos for the rest of our lives and be able to relive every detail. I cannot tell you how many people came up to us at the reception after the slideshow saying they wish they could re-do their wedding, just to have Sal and Taylor shoot it!

~zach & colleen


Awe struck!

When arranging the details of our wedding, we knew that we wanted to invest most of our budget into photographs.  They are, after all, the only detail that continues to be viewed and treasured after the wedding is said and done.

When we saw Sal’s work, (first, I was in awe) and I knew that he was a photographer who treasured my memories as much as I did.  Sal Cincotta Photography does work with excellence and passion.  They are creative, inspiring, and committed to capturing photographs in an innovative and unique way.  We are beyond grateful.

~Adam & Ashley Carstens


Simply the best

There are an infinite amount of details a couple must consider before their big day. There’s the ceremony, the reception, the flowers, the invitations, but most importantly the dress and the wedding photographer. The photographer is your one chance to look back at this monumental moment and tell your story. Once we saw what Sal and Taylor had to offer, we instantly knew there was no looking back, or “shopping around.” They are the best.

Sal and Taylor are a super down to earth couple, that made everything incredibly stress-free for us. From our engagement shoot, to the end of our big day everything was ideal. We are by no means models, or comfortable in front of a camera but we felt at ease with Sal, Taylor, and the rest of the team because you could not help but feel relaxed. The Cincotta crew was on top of their game when it came to our day(s). We knew our pictures would be beautiful; instead SJP exceeded our expectations and the result was EPIC to say the least! SCP knew where to go, when to go there, and how to shoot it! Even our bridal party (there were 14 of them) commented on how smooth everything was going, and how efficient SCP was with the limited time we had. It was just another thing NOT to worry about on our big day.

Their professionalism and quality never ceases to amazes us. If you are looking for a wedding photographer and want the most reliable, imaginative, and innovative look no further. We look forward to many years of amazing photos and memories with SCP.

We could not be more grateful that we chose Sal Cincotta Photography.

~Ryan and Casey Willenbrock


Jaw Dropping Experience!

After meeting with Sal & Taylor several times and seeing the results of our engagement session, we COULD NOT wait until the big day to take our pictures!  They made our day so much fun! Their personalities were energetic and kept everyone going.  The whole wedding party and everyone that day who met Sal loved him!  He always had everyone laughing and having a great time!

We had so many wonderful comments on the slideshow that was played during our reception.  Everyone kept asking who our photographers were and that the photos weren’t like anything they had seen before! It was the highlight of our reception! After sharing our album with several friends and family members you could tell by the look on their faces that what they had just seen had impressed them.  Wow, is all they could say.

Enthusiastic, fun, passionate, professional, energetic, unique, priceless, captivating, beautiful…………… there aren’t enough words to describe the experience you will have and the results you will get! We are forever grateful Sal & Taylor for the awesome experience and stunning photographs!

~Ben & Sarah



that’s a word that we hear ALL THE TIME when people look at our wedding and engagement photos taken by Sal and Taylor!  When we booked them about a year out from our wedding date, we were at a wedding show.  Our main priority at that show was to find our photographer.  So after talking to a few photographers and looking at their work, we quickly realized that there are a lot of people out there with a Canon Rebel who thought they were wedding photographers.  But when we met Sal and Taylor-and saw their work- we realized there was an absolute differentiation in their professionalism and work!  They are so outgoing and sincere that our personalities immediately clicked!

When we went to Napa for our engagement shoot in April, we felt even more secure in our choice to have them capture our special day!  We went 1000mph the entire afternoon and their creative eyes and skills made for some of our favorite pieces of art in our home!  I think both of their personalities make it so easy to have thousands of pictures taken and the way they run a shoot is so smooth and flawless!

When they shot our wedding in November, it was more of the same: great photos for artwork, a smooth transition from one venue to the next, and an overall blast had by us and our wedding party!  IF they are available to capture your special occation, we highly recommend you lock them up ASAP!

~John and Heather Shocklee


Dynamic Duo

Words can’t possibly sum up the experience of working with Sal & Taylor. If I was forced to choose one, it would be: AMAZING! From meeting them, you get a sense of their enthusiasm & passion for their work. Not to mention, their fun & energetic personalities!

Our photos & videos turned out better than we ever could have imagined. They truly captured Mark & I. Our walls are covered with their creative art. Photographs that are modern, yet timeless. We find friends & family stopping by our house just to see our photos, videos, & albums. And everyone is still talking about our reception slideshow!

If you are looking for professional wedding photographers that will give you beautiful, unique photos; look no further. Mark & I feel blessed to work with this dynamic duo & their team. We can’t wait to work with them again! (Maybe minus a police car chase & a jail cell, but who knows!)

~Mark & Kate


Nothing but Love

There are not enough words to express the amount of love Dave and I felt on our wedding day. However, we are so fortunate to have amazing photos and videos to look back on for many years to come-thanks to the both of you!!! Your creativity, talent and professionalism are exceptional and it was an honor to have both of you be a part of such an important journey for us. When people ask me about the wedding planning process, no one can believe that I booked Salvatore Cincotta BEFORE we even had a wedding date set! My response is simply, “If you have ever met Sal & Taylor you will understand.” It is very difficult to find such amazing work and find amazing people to work with!

From the engagement shoot, working on the agenda of pictures for the wedding day and most importantly-being able to direct our huge families for pictures…you guys did an outstanding job! We are so excited for memories and years to come and we are happy to say we will without a doubt have the both of you there to document it along the way:)

~Love Dave & Stacey Sinclair


Amazing Photographers!!!

Taylor and Sal are AWESOME!!! After seeing how amazing their work was we knew we had to go with them and we were definitely not disappointed. Our engagement and wedding pictures were all amazing! They managed to capture every special moment throughout our wedding day. They’re so easy going, professional and fun to work with and our wedding party loved them too! Their pictures are without a doubt some of the best we have ever seen. We have received more compliments on our pictures than we can count. If you are thinking of choosing Salvatore Cincotta Photography for your special day you will not be disappointed. Thank you so much Taylor and Sal! We can’t wait to work with you guys again!

~John & Melissa


Stunning and Unique!

When I first saw Sal and Taylor’s work, I realized that these were more than just photographs. They were works of art. Their pictures are absolutely breathtaking and so far from those boring wedding pictures you see over and over again.

Sal and Taylor were so professional and kind to my husband and I, guiding us through the entire wedding process, giving us tips and advice. Our engagement and wedding pictures are absolutely stunning and capture the moment in the most perfect way.

We made the best decision when going with Taylor and Sal. They did such an incredible job and we couldn’t be happier. Their photographs truly are works of art.

~Katie and Evan McGinnis


Perfect Photographers!

Every picture that Sal and Taylor took captured our magical day forever in time with their amazing photography.  It was an enjoyable and fun experience.  Sal and Taylor’s work is beyond incredible as well as unique and timeless.  Now, we have photos that will forever go along with our memories that we will always cherish.  Thank you both for capturing the wedding piece by piece and frame by frame.

The whole process from the engagement shoot to the wedding was an experience that took us across the country.  We could not have asked for a more professional and easy going pair of photographers to work with.  At no point did we feel uncomfortable in front of the camera.  We had the time of our lives just being ourselves.  They were able to capture who we are on their cameras.

~ Jon and Sara Townsend


Timeless Works of Art

Sal’s photographs are timeless works of art … more than that, we think the shots captured so well one of our live’s best moments, and even added to our experience as we think back about it. It’s amazing that Sal is always thinking about the next shot, and can find the little places that make all the difference.  I know that many years from now Greg and I will look at our wedding pictures, smile, and say “how incredible are these?”

We feel lucky and blessed to have worked with Sal and Taylor, and it was definitely one of the best wedding decisions we made. Not only are they true professionals, they are down to earth, fun, and friendly. We’ve been extremely pleased from start to finish.

~Nicole and Greg Merlo


Choosing Sal is as easy as saying YES!

If you plan to hire Sal Cincotta and his team then you better plan to buy a bigger house- there aren’t enough walls in the world that will give you the space to hang all of your beautiful prints once you’ve spent time in front of his camera.

Working with Sal is being in the presence of a genius: a very cool, funny genius. We loved him, my bridesmaids LOVED him, our GROOMSMEN loved him, our priest loved him, my grandmother loved him, the venue planner loved him, the Trolley driver loved him, and passers-by on the streets during our photographs stopped to…hang out?…they must love him too.I may have been in a fabulous white dress and the hubby in a tux but the talk of the evening was surrounding our photographer…and we are happy to share the spotlight! 🙂

Beautiful, edgy, classic yet modern at the same time- there isn’t one word that sums up his work but what I can tell you is that you will love every minute you work with him and you will be over the moon with your photographs. After it’s all over you will wish he could follow you around while running errands on a Saturday because he can make even the most simple setting a masterpiece. I have given him 5 stars but if I could, I would give him twenty. He was an integral part in just how fun and special our “special day” was and we can’t thank him enough for that.

He gets you and your wedding party excited about photography and that’s saying something because we all know a photographer who didn’t… He’s the total package and you will be thrilled with both the process and the outcome. Out of all the decisions you’ll make in the wedding process choosing Sal is the easiest next to saying “Yes!” PS- that’s us under the Gateway Arch. As we were leaving the Arch Sal came up to us and said “you’ve gotta see this shot”…and on his little camera screen was the photograph exactly as you see it now…no retouching, no fancy footwork, nothing. I told you he was a genius, didn’t I?!

~Allison & Mike


Stunning & Beautiful!

Salvatore Cincotta Photography shot my friend’s wedding a couple of years ago. I was so impressed by her pictures that I without a doubt had to have Sal and his team when it was my day at the alter.

From the very beginning, it was such a relief working with Sal and Taylor. They helped me tremendously! They’re more than a photographer. With so much wedding experience, they were able to refer me to some of the best vendors in the bridal industry. When Craig’s and my day finally came, I couldn’t have been more pleased. Salvatore Cincotta Photography captured every detail of my big day in the most unique and breathtaking way possible. Even the most indifferent of guests were amazed by SCP’s talent. I give them my highest and most praised recommendation for any bride and groom looking for a fun and outgoing photog team who will capture your wedding day as a fantasy come true.

~Jessica & Craig



Words can not express how grateful we are that you were able to capture the most memorable day of our lives!Your caliber of talent, eye for design, and passion for photography was apparent in our wedding photos. Your ability to see past the lens and make our “moments” into a story, makes viewing them an emotional experience every time.Each photo is truly breathtaking and will be treasured forever!

We are excited to see what the future holds… as you have not only made great friends, but clients for a lifetime!We love you both!!!

~Meaghan & Jon


We love Sal and Taylor!

From our first meeting, my, now, husband and I loved Sal. My husband didn’t have too many strong opinions about the wedding, but said we had to have Sal.

He had such great ideas and his samples from previous work were too good to pass up. From choosing our package and the engagement shoot, to the wedding and the big reveal, we couldn’t have asked for anything more. Sal and Taylor are super responsive, quick to offer their professional opinions, creative, friendly, and so easy to work with.

The pictures are truly one of a kind. In between our pictures after the wedding and our reception, Sal (somehow) made a slide show of the day’s photos. He set up the show for after dinner at the reception. It was THE most amazing slide show anyone had ever seen. I would say it made everyone speechless, except EVERYONE was coming up to us asking “who is your photographer?!” Our family and friends were so impressed. My mom watched the slide show and cried everyday for a week after the wedding; she loved it so much.

The photos look like they should all be in magazines. The originality of each shot blows you away. Our album and prints turned out just as spectacular as we imagined. We can’t say enough. We can’t wait to work with Sal again! Thanks so much!

~Stephanie and Brian


Very Fun & Professional!

I recently used them for our wedding in September. We did the engagement shoot and the wedding photos. I would highly recommend them to all my friends and family.

The photos were fantastic! Everyone in my wedding party also commented on how fun they were to work with! I have received so many compliments on our photos. They also provide videography which in my opinion is a MUST!

They pay attention to detail and make them really special. For example we flew out to San Francisco, CA and met them for our engagement shoot. We got the video back and I absolutely love it!! One of the street signs in the video is JOICE street, where we took some photos. My husband’s name is JOE and mine is ALICE, if you combine them together you get JOICE. We hadn’t even noticed it until we got the video back.

They are unlike most photographers I have met. They go above and beyond to capture those very important moments in your life. It was totally worth the money we spent. My family has actually talked about renting a party bus and having them come along to take photos because they had so much fun with the photographers and their crew. The pictures are so unlike most I have seen. They are original and unique. The first time I laid eyes on their photos I was hooked. I will continue to use Sal and Taylor for many years to come as we begin to have a family and such.

Great photos, great videos, great people, great enthusiasm and new great friends have we found in them. Definitely a MUST for any wedding or photo session!

~Alice & Joe


Perfect Photographers for a Perfect Day!

We met with Sal and Taylor to discuss our wedding plans, due to a referral from a friend. When we sat down with them at a Starbuck’s downtown – it was a first big wedding “decision.” It was probably one of our BEST decisions.

Sal has a very fun, energetic yet focused personality that we were drawn to immediately. We had a great time on our engagement shoot. And on our wedding day, they really made everyone feel special including us (bride and groom) my wedding party, and my family. Everyone became friends with them!

Sal is very effcient at his job and he keeps the process moving. We were calling him the “photo ninja” that day. The slideshow that they played at our reception was probably the hit of the night. It left everyone in tears and asking me (for months!) who my photographer was.

In the midst of dancing and mingling at our reception, we grabbed sal and asked him to do some night-shots of us outside quickly. He was more than up for it and soon we were standing in the middle of Grand Blvd on a busy Saturday night — having the time of our lives. Thanks to the team for directing traffic! Sal and Taylor are amazing and we will definitely be staying in touch with them – to document every big moment in our lives!! Sal and Taylor are the best photography team in the St. Louis area! Thanks for everything!

~Renee & Tim


Amazing Experience!!!

When it comes to getting the right shot, Sal has more vision than Nostradamus! Having vision is one thing, but being willing to travel to locations in order to achieve your vision is another. Sal met us to take pictures, ranging from the deep depression of the inner city ghetto all the way to a remote forest in which he carried his equipment up mountains and through creeks.

He’s a fanatic for capturing the moment, and if you want pictures that double as conversational pieces, there is NO ONE better! Out of all the money spent on our wedding, Salvatore Cincotta Photography was without a question the best investment!!! They are worth their weight in gold. There were details of my wedding that didn’t go as I had intended, but the photography wasn’t one of them.

Sal and Taylor are absolutely GREAT to work with. They are professional, attentive, and as an added bonus they are a blast to be around. The pictures came out amazingly unforgettable and are now covering the walls of our new home. Every time we have guests over, our pictures seem to be the first topic of conversation. Sal beautifully captured my wedding day and I am forever grateful.

Yes, I did make Sal hike through forests, caves, creeks, and cliffs, and he still returned my phone calls the next day. Also, Taylor always took the time to answer my several rounds of twenty questions, and as another added bonus, she is always so nice! Like most guys my husband did not get excited about wedding pictures, but thanks to Sal he did get excited about taking pictures. How many brides can say that! Thanks for the memories!

~Jesse & Natalie


Amazing Photographer!

I could not be happier with Salvatore Cincotta Photography! Not only were the pictures amazing from our wedding day, but Sal was a treat to be able to spend the day with us! He kept my wedding party laughing and made everything relaxed and fun.

The pictures from the day are so creative and beautiful-I literally can’t even put it into words. The best pictures I’ve seen! The best part was the slide show at the reception from the wedding earlier that day! My guests were able to relive the day with my new husband and I; what a great gift!

~Jim & Missy


Sal and Taylor, Chris and I cannot thank you enough for sharing in our special day! You both truly have an eye for capturing amazing moments!

Your engaging and enlightening personalities envelope the room and create an atmosphere in which moving, emotional photos are created. Your talent is tremendous. You have created lasted memories for us to cherish throughout our lives together and for that we will be forever grateful!

~Amy & Chris