Getting married in St Louis and looking for wedding photography that is anything but ordinary? Salvatore Cincotta Photography is one of the most highly sought after wedding photographers in St Louis.

Not your ordinary wedding photography, Salvatore Cincotta Photography brings a unique sense of flare and style to your wedding day.

When it’s all said and done, your wedding photography will be the only thing you have to remember your day. Long after the flowers have died, the food has been digested, the photography will be the one thing you have left for generations to come.

Interested in meeting with Sal to discuss your wedding planning and photography needs? Email us to set up a meeting and we will walk you through all the options. With special all-inclusive wedding photography packages starting at $5999, we have something for everyone.

Fill out the form below to connect with us and get a meeting scheduled to talk all about your big day and most importantly, let’s make all your friends jealous with your AMAZING wedding pictures!

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Black & white image of a bride & groom in a church
Couple walking to a church in downtown St. Louis
Wedding couple outside a church in St. Louis
Wedding couple at the Stifel Theatre in St. Louis, MO.