st louis bride and groom magazine | cover shoot

once again, we are very excited to have had the opportunity to shoot the cover of st louis bride and groom magazine. what a great resource for local st louis metro area weddings. check it out if you have some time. we got to shoot inside the new peabody opera house, which will soon be offering up a new venue for st louis wedding receptions. it was pretty cool to be in there - hard hats and all - during the construction phase and see so many cool facets of the venue. there was literally construction going on all around us. it is going to be an awesome venue for sure. plus, its always cool when you are the first to get to shoot a new venue. :)

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travel schedule

want to shoot in another city with us? limited spots available on these dates, please call for more information. 314.800.3718 this is a great way to get some unique images for you and your family. July 14th memphis July 22nd miami July 28th houston Aug 7th vegas Aug 27th san fran Sept 11th portland Sept 15th dc Sept 25th-29th charlotte Oct 2nd and 4th chicago Oct 9th wisconsin Oct 30th nyc Nov 6th-9th tuscon

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st louis wedding photography | paris shoot

i know this is not a new image, but been working on this for some advertising and it just goes to show you how much editing can really make an image sing.i think all to often, people typically underestimate how important it is to deliver a polished product. as photographers, we are not only responsible for the creation of the image - posing, capture, etc. we are fully responsible for how that image is edited and delivered in its final form.

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leboeuf | stl engagement photography

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true to form... we found a new favorite spot in st louis. and no, don't ask me where. we will never tell. ;) the session started where they met, the venice cafe in st louis. we took some shots there and then ran across an abandoned warehouse that provided an amazing backdrop for some images. the session ended in the central west end at bissengers where we took some casual pics of them drinking some wine and relaxing with each other. if you have never been there, i highly recommend it. great dessert at the end of the night - cheesecake is to die for. can't wait for the wedding you two! we are going to have a blast. st louis wedding photography by salvatore cincotta photography

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block | dallas engagement shoot

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colleen & zach | dallas texas st louis wedding photography by sal cincotta so i have never been to dallas, well only on connecting flights, but in my short time there, i fell in love with the city. so many shooting opportunities its insane!! i flew in sunday morning and out sunday night, this after a saturday night wedding. :) i was exhausted to say the least, but colleen's energy is enough to get anyone excited. her and zach are beyond photogenic and were up for pretty much anything - so we rented an abandoned warehouse, shot the dallas skyline and found an abandoned building on the side of the highway. their wedding is going to be awesome, mostly because there are like 800 guests... :) sorry, inside joke. enjoy the pics.

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shocklee | napa engagement shoot

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john & heather | napa valley california st louis wedding photography by sal cincotta john and heather were an absolute blast to work with! these guys are wine whores just like we are, so shooting in napa seemed like the obvious choice - sorry if that was offensive to anyone - :) the shoot lasted nearly 3 hours... i am not sure, it could have been longer, but as anyone who has ever traveled with me knows... i get sidetracked very easily in gorgeous locations. so, we shot everywhere and anywhere including a mustard field, some random pickup truck, a tulip field, someone's doorway and reprimanded at a posh hotel because of their high profile guests and my camera - thought we were paparazzi. (its a long story) but in the end, we got some amazing pictures and had a great time getting to know both john and heather. their…

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wilton | engagement video

we were fortunate enough to be able to shoot derek and molly this fall in chicago for their engagement session. they got engaged in chicago, so it was meaningful for them to have their shoot there. as you will see in the video, the weather was brutally cold and windy, but hey, it is the windy city! we cant wait for the wedding! chicago engagement video wilton engagement video by salvatore cincotta photography

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