john & heather | napa valley california

st louis wedding photography by sal cincotta

john and heather were an absolute blast to work with! these guys are wine whores just like we are, so shooting in napa seemed like the obvious choice – sorry if that was offensive to anyone – 🙂

the shoot lasted nearly 3 hours… i am not sure, it could have been longer, but as anyone who has ever traveled with me knows… i get sidetracked very easily in gorgeous locations. so, we shot everywhere and anywhere including a mustard field, some random pickup truck, a tulip field, someone’s doorway and reprimanded at a posh hotel because of their high profile guests and my camera – thought we were paparazzi. (its a long story)

but in the end, we got some amazing pictures and had a great time getting to know both john and heather. their wedding is going to be a blast!