so i am in austin speaking at the wppi roadshow and joel and holly came out to have their engagement pictures shot out there. they are getting married in st louis, but thought it would be cool to have their images shot in another city.
the day started out a little hectic, lets just call it a gps snafu! i ended up at the wrong hotel and we started a little late. however, turns out it was for the best. we shot all over austin doing a ton of cool things and creating some unique imagery for these guys, but once the sun set, we started playing around doing some cool things not possible during the day.

i was then fortunate enough to be able to grab some dinner with these two at the w hotel in austin – gorgeous by the way, and really get to know them. i must admit, i am very jealous that taylor will be working with you both on your wedding day. 🙂 turns out, joel has a very sharp sense of humor, which i love, but i think this native ny’er surprised him with the even quicker responses. 😉 love you joel!!

below are just a few of the shots we got that night, hope you enjoy! cant wait for you to see the rest. now joel… if i can just get you into that top package… 😉

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