welcome to our new web site! we are very excited – please browse the site and enjoy!

st louis wedding photographer launches new site

this is the third revision of our site in the last 3 years – needless to say, we have kept our web designer/graphic artist (visual lure) on his toes. why so many changes? well, in a nutshell, things change pretty quickly in our industry. for example, 3 years ago, did you even know what facebook was? our clients are trendy, modern and hip to all things internet. and because of that, we want to ensure we present our brand and our images in the most unique way possible, all while showing you the latest from our portfolio.

the new site should make one thing clear, its all about the pictures! i am a photographer, and for me, there is nothing more important on your screen than the real estate used to present our images. we dont sell words, we sell amazing imagery! so, please enjoy the new site and let us know what you think.