Name | Mario + Stephanie
Date | 3.25.17
Ceremony | The Coronado
Reception | The Coronado
Planner | Elizabeth Sahrmann, The Coronado Sales & Catering Manager
Wedding Photography | Sal Cincotta & Alissa Zimmerman
Wedding Cinematography | Millennium Productions
Wedding DJ | Millennium Productions
Florist | Krupp Florist, Belleville, IL
Hair/Makeup |  Chase Park Plaza Salon
Photo Booth | MemoryBox Photo Booth

When did you know he/she was the one? 
I knew steph was the one before our second anniversary of dating. I remember seeing her interact with my family and nephews at a family gathering one time and telling myself i love her. thats when i knew she was the one.- mario

Tell us about the proposal.
I don’t know if Steph saw it coming… I’m sure i was acting weird cuz i was nervous. I wanted everything to be perfect. Proposal probably took about 2 almost 3 months to plan. first step was getting her families blessing. I made Steph believe i was going to San Diego to a work convention for the weekend. What really did is take take the red eye that Friday Night. I flew to Chicago, then St. Louis then got in a car a drove out to her Brother Andrew then her mom and brother who were out camping that weekend. Surprised her with the ring asked for her blessing then i was off to surprise her grandparents. Got back on a plane to Phoenix and back to LA. all in 36 hours and made it seem i was in San Diego. The actual proposal came about a month later. i contacted the hollywood bowl in LA and planned to do it there. on Nov. 21st steph thought she was on her way to do make up for a shoot for a NatGeo Wild episode of Ceaser 911. Little did she know there was no shoot and it was a proposal that was about to happen. When she arrived she recieved instruction to pull on her car visor which led to a note with a hollywood bowl event ticket. “The rest of our lives” she arrived to an empty bowl with just a chair and a balloon. there she found an iPad with headphones with instructionsto press play. The video that played was of my journey to St. Louis to get her families blessing. while she watch the video with her back to the bowl i got up and stood right on center stage and waited. it was the longest 6 minutes of my life. Felt like 30 minutes. Video ended with a simple text “Turn around” and there i was waiting with rose pedals all over. she made her way to the stage and once she was up there with me i gave her a hug. She was emotional and crying. i got down on one knee and proposed. she said yes. I (mario) was a nervous reck… haha. I wanted it be perfect. I had my brother streaming it live for all to see and my friend JC was on the lease shooting… capturing every moment. it was awesome.

Tell is the one thing you love most about each other.
I love that mario loves me…for who i am. unconditionally. he is patient, kind, funny, and loves my family just as much as i do.  i know thats more than one thing, but i can’t just say one.- stephanie

I love everything about steph. Her smile, her beautiful eyes. But most importantly i love who she is. A strong independent woman who loves unconditionally. She is everything you can dream about in a woman and she laughs at my nonsense plus is hilarious herself. I am truly lucky.- Mario

If you feel comfortable, share with us something silly or quirkythe other person does.
mario screams “MY BABBBYYYYY” all the time haha he also has the best dance moves. but will not show anyone.- stephanie
Stephanie likes to embarrass me…all the time- mario

Besides getting married – whats the one thing you are looking forward to on your wedding day?
just being together….nothing else matters but us. and i can’t wait. -stephanie
To see Steph happy. She is my world and seeing her happy is everything to me. – mario