renee & timdate | 10.30.10
city | st louis
ceremony | st francis xavier
reception | st francis xavier
st louis wedding photographers | sal cincotta & taylor cincotta

diomis st louis wedding photography

this october has been extremely dry compared to last year, so its been a nice change of pace with a lot of room for creativity. renee and tim were referred to us by long time friends and clients, the daughter of whom we have been shooting since she was in her mommas belly. sophia, was a flower girl at the wedding, and you will see a picture of her reading the bible where, and i quote, she states, “jesus says you have to get your pictures taken by sal”. i love it!

the guys were in style with their chucks, but renee stole the show.

my favorite part of the day came later in the evening when i got to sneak away with the bride and groom for some night pics in front of the church. those were some of my favorite from the day.

st louis wedding photography provided by salvatore cincotta photography